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Academic Wing

The academic wing has been conducting various research and academic activities and have already entered the milestone with various programs. The academic wing of Annapurna Neurological Institute & Allied Sciences is nurtured and promoted by the Department of Academics under the Chairmanship of Dr. Basant Pant & guidance of Academic Director Dr. Pravesh Rajbhandari.In a past decade,it has flourished under their guidance to a full-fledged Department of Academics.


Following academic activities are being conducted in the Institute :

1. Residency Program in various departments including Neurosurgery, Radiology, Anesthesia & Orthopedics Surgery : Annapurna Neurological Institute & Allied Sciences have been accredited by College of Physician & Surgeons(CPSP) ,Pakistan to initiate residency program on different specializations. Residency program in Neurosurgery was accredted on 2018 and since then 15 residents have been involved in 5 years Neurosurgery residency program. Two of the recent graduates have also been awarded gold medal in neurosurgery program. Similary residency program in Anesthesia, Orthopedics surgery and Radiology was accredited in year 2022 by CPSP. During the residency, trainee do not have to pay fee to the Institute and during their training , trainee will be provided a sufficient stipend monthly.  We envision to produce competent and qualified healthcare experts in the country through our supervision and guidance.

2. Critical Care Nursing Training : Institute have been conducting a periodic critical care nursing training to the nurses who wish to make their career in the field of critical care. This 3 months theoritical and hands on training have already produced more than 100 qualified and competent nurses who are working in critical care setup in national and international hospitals. The training is led by Critical Care Nursing incharge, Anesthesia & Critical care experts, Neurosurgeons, Infection control nurses, physicians and other experts doctors.


3. International students elective posting :  From the  establishment period of the institute, we have been receiving International students for their academic exposure . Till date we have enrolled 100+ students from Germany, Japan, China, United Kingdom, USA, India, Nigeria, Switzerland, Belgium and Portugal. These medical students will get hands on as well as observational exposure in various clinical and surgical department within the Institute.


4. Annapurna Journal of Health Sciences (AJHS) : Annapurna Journal of Health Sciences was established in year 2020 .AJHS is an official peer-reviewed, biannual, open access,indexed, International Medical Journal [ISSN (Print): 2773-8019 and (Online): 2795-1502] that  publishes original research work that contributes significantly to nurture the scientific knowledge in medical sciences but not limited to clinical, public health, nursing, diagnostic science, basic science as well as health care management. Till date we have already published 6 issues of the journal. Detail of the journal can be obtained from www.ajhs.org.np 


5. Academic conference,workshop/seminar & CME : Various National and International conferences, workshop/seminar & CME are being conducted by the Institute inside and outside its premises. The faculties as well as residents/ Nurses of the Institute frequently attend  the international conference as as speaker representing the Institute as well as nation.


6. Inhouse Training : Healthcare staffs of the institue have been provided periodic training in various topics including basic to advanced cardiac life support, infection control & prevention,research skills, communications skills, leadership , managerial techniques etc.


7.Other activities : 24 hours library with internet access, medical and paramedical student internship and short to long term observership, internship of healthcare management student , periodic guests lectures in various institutes.


For further information regarding academic wings , Please send your query to aca@ahc.com.np