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Research Wing

ANIAS have been running various kind of research activities under following areas:



Annapurna research Center (ARC) : ARC is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profitable, and service-oriented institute established in 2011 as a sister organisation of Annapurna Neurological Institute & Allied Sciences (ANIAS). The group of professors, scientists, researchers and people involved in academic sectors empowered to the establishment of the ARC to work together in the field of research and molecular diagnostics. The research center have been involed in various basic to molecular level research including human and plant cells and is compromised of high tech research lab within one building. ARC is also involed in training humal cell line culture/ molecular training to various medical students periodically. For the research purpose , Annapurna Research Center have been awarded different national and international grants too.

Annapurna research Center believe that the teamwork is the foundation for the success of any research so in our research team, we have the expertise of Biotechnologists, Microbiologists, Plant scientists, Epidemiologists, Neurosurgeons, Medical doctors, Economists and Social Scientists.Our International collaborator for the research includes Professor Dr. Hector H Garcia from Peru, Prof. Dr. Lakshmiah Sreerama, Qatar University and Prof. Doctor Peirre Dorny, University of Antwerp, Belgium and Israel. We do have national collaboration with Central Department of Biotechnology, Central Department of Botany, SAAN International College, NIST College, Shi-Gan Int’l College, Nobel College, Lord Buddha academy, Golden Gate College, St. Xavier's college, and Everest Biotech for strengthening our research activities.

From last few years ,ARC have been engaged in developing various products for cancer treatment as well as cosmetic products.



Institutional Review Committe (ARC) : Annapurna Neurological Institute & Allied Sciences has its own Institutional Review Committee to value and promote its collaborative role in research and commit to ensure that research and commit to ensure that research conducted within the institution meets the highest scientific, ethical and legal standard in biomedical research. The IRC of ANIAS review process is to ensure that any biomedical research conducted within its organization and sister organization has been followed ethically within the criteria subjected by Nepal Health Research Council.