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Mobile Health Record (MHR) is a digital version of patient’s paper chart which is a real time patient centered record that makes information available instantly from anywhere at any time securely to the authorized users through their smart phone. User may also have access to setup certain personal health information and revise that as per need for self health management with the feature of regular health notification. This would be the new era in the health care industry in our country, merging the knowledge of health care with the involvement of latest technology. It is also accessible in webpage through which individuals can access, manage and share their health information using the username and password provided to them for accessing our URL address where the information is kept in a secure environment. The application can be downloaded via play store as well as ios.


Features of MHR

  • Patient's profile

  • Patient checkup history

  • Admission and hospitalization history

  • Discharge summary

  • Diagnostic investigation gallery

  • Medication auto alert

  • Health calendar

  • Manual pill reminder

  • Blood pressure/sugar level database and report

  • BMI calculator


Benefit for patient


  • No more burden of bringing reports and investigations along with them

  • Can be viewed offline as well as online from any part of world

  • Medication alert

  • No risk of loss of medical record

  • MHR Card with user profile and ID


Benefit for Hospital


  • All the patient coming to hospital have digitalized medical health record

  • Doctors can view Patient's medical record online

  • Huge data base of patient within one application

  • Scope for research purpose

  • Strong Backup with 3 different site based server of MHR